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Date City Country Venue
Nov 19,2016 Athens GR Gagarin 205
Sep 25,2016 Heraklion,Crete GR Day of the Dead
Sep 04,2016 Thessaloniki GR 8th Street Mode Festival Port – Warehouse C
Sep 03,2016 Oinofyta GR Let’s Rock Festival
Sep 02,2016 Tyrnavos GR 6o Festival Vrysis Tyrnavou
Aug 18,2016 Tinos Island GR Tinos Art Gathering
Aug 07,2016 Tyxero Evrou GR Tyxerock Festival
Aug 04,2016 Platanias Piliou GR Rock by the Sea Festival
Aug 02,2016 Paros, Parikia GR True 22
Jul 30,2016 Drama GR Orfun Festival


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